Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : Heat transfer by yunus çengel

22-08-2009, 14:39
Heat transfer is a basic science that deals with the rate of transfer of thermal
energy. This introductory text is intended for use in a first course in
heat transfer for undergraduate engineering students, and as a reference
book for practicing engineers. The objectives of this text are
• To cover the basic principles of heat transfer.
• To present a wealth of real-world engineering applications to give students
a feel for engineering practice.
• To develop an intuitive understanding of the subject matter by emphasizing
the physics and physical arguments.
Students are assumed to have completed their basic physics and calculus sequence.
The completion of first courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics,
and differential equations prior to taking heat transfer is desirable. The relevant
concepts from these topics are introduced and reviewed as needed.



10-10-2009, 18:08
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