Edible films were prepared using suspensions of the mixture of xylitol and sorbitol (at a ratio of 1:1), potato starch, and distilled water. Xylitol and sorbitol (total 30% of solids) were weighed and dissolved into distilled water. Starch was added to obtain the film-forming suspension, in which the starch concentration (70% of solids) was 5% (w/w) of the overall water content. The film-forming suspension was heated with continuous mixing by a magnetic stirrer (RH Basic, Ika Works, Inc., Wilmington, NC) and at short intervals by hand with a glass rod to above 90 °C and kept at that temperature for 5 min before allowing it cool down to 50 °C. Air bubbles formed during the heating were removed by placing the film forming solution into a desiccator under vacuum until there was no bubble formation. The film-forming solution was casted on a Teflon-coated plate by a spreader with a gap of 0.8 mm. Starch-based films were obtained by evaporating water in an oven at 35 °C for at least 4