Arkansas Üniversitesi Gıda Teknolojisi Programı na ait ssitede gıdayla alakalı çeşitli sunumlara ulaşabilirsiniz.

Introduction to Food Science I
Careers in Food Science
Agriculture and Food Production in Arkansas
Introduction to Food Science II
Introduction to Food Microbiology
Good Agricultural Practices for Fresh Produce
Introduction to Cereal Grains, Oilseeds and Legumes
Food Additives
Basic Dairy Food Manufacturing
Introduction to Food Analysis
Introduction to Human Nutrition
Introduction to FoodBorne Pathogens
Food Preservation
Introduction to Fruits and Vegetables
Food Labeling
Physiology of Exercise

Security of Our Food Supply
Introduction to HACCP
Crisis Management
FDA Process Registration Forms 2541 and 2541a
Food Allergies
Food Safety for Volunteer Food Handlers
Good Manufacturing Practices
Food Processing Regulations
Sanitation and SSOPs
The Bioterrorism Act and Food

Introduction to Food Regulations
Quality Evaluation and Control
Value Added Food Products
Starting a Food Business
The Organization and Operation of a Food Company
Agricultural Cooperatives
Developing a Business Plan for Entrepreneurs
Copacking of Food Products
Introduction to Food Packaging
Introduction to Food Marketing
New Product Development